Unleash the Power of Continuous External Attack Surface Management

Unlock unparalleled defense against cyber threats with our External Attack Surface Management. Strengthen your security posture, proactively identify vulnerabilities, and keep your organization resilient in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Proactive Intelligence

Continuous visibility for your digital assets beyond firewall

Stay one step ahead of potential breaches and safeguard your digital assets. See your organization the way bad actors can.

Continuous Monitoring

Constantly scan and monitor your organization's external attack surface, including websites, domains, IP addresses and cloud assets.

Vulnerability Detection

Identification of potential vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, weak points, or exposed assets that could be targeted by attackers.

Asset Inventory

Automatic discovery and inventory of your digital assets, providing you with a comprehensive view of your attack surface and ensuring no critical assets are overlooked.

Real-time Alerts

Instant notifications and alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes to your attack surface, ensuring you can respond quickly and effectively. We provide seamless integration with Jira, Slack and Mattermost.

What benefits does External Attack Surface Management offer?

Enhanced security: Proactively identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

Comprehensive visibility: Provides a clear view of an organization's attack surface, enabling better decision-making regarding security measures.

Compliance adherence: Helps meet industry standards and regulatory requirements through continuous monitoring and risk assessment.

Improved incident response: Enables faster detection and response to potential threats, reducing the impact of security incidents.

Protection of digital assets: Safeguards critical systems, websites, and other digital assets from unauthorized access and data breaches.

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How it works

External Attack Surface Management platform with the power of simplicity.

1. Discovery and Monitoring

We gather intelligence by scanning and discovering all the digital assets associated with your organization, such as websites, domains, IP addresses, cloud assets, software components and online presence. We continuously monitors these assets to keep track of any changes or additions that may occur over time.

2. Vulnerability Identification

Once the assets are discovered and monitored, our application actively searches for vulnerabilities and potential security weaknesses. It examines various factors such as outdated software versions, misconfigurations, exposed services, or weak security protocols that could be exploited by attackers. By leveraging advanced techniques and intelligence, it identifies potential entry points that pose a risk to your organization's security.

3. Risk Assessment and Actionable Insights

After identifying vulnerabilities, our application assesses the risks associated with each vulnerability. It considers factors such as severity, impact, and exploitability to prioritize the risks effectively. The application then provides you with actionable insights and recommendations on how to remediate the identified vulnerabilities. These recommendations may include specific steps, best practices, or configuration changes to strengthen your security posture and mitigate the risks.

Our pricing

Find a plan that fits your goals

Switch plans or cancel any time. If you are a startup, we offer our Basic plan free for one year to help you establish a strong security foundation without financial burden during your initial growth phase. Please note that the free Startup Plan is applicable only for eligible startups and covers the first year of usage.

BASIC Try free for 3 months. Then starts at

$ 49/month

Continuous monitoring for 10 digital assets.

Vulnerability detection.

Real-time alerts.

Basic risk assessment.

Remediation guidance.

Suitable for small business or organizations looking for essential attack surface protection on budget.


$ 99/month

Continuous monitoring of up to 50 digital assets.

Vulnerability detection.

Real-time alerts with priority support.

Comprehensive risk assessment.

Actionable insights.

Compliance monitoring.

Integration with threat intelligence feeds.

Ideal for mid-sized organizations that require a robust external attack surface management solution with additional features and enhanced support.


Custom pricing available.

Unlimited digital assets monitoring.

Advanced threat detection.

Customizable reports and dashboards.

Advance compliance monitoring.

Dedicated customer support.

Perfect for organizations with complex IT infrastructures and high-security demands, ensuring maximum protection and scalability.


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